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Our Spa Products


There is nothing more healing than the natural products that are already here with us on this earth.  The most healing property to our esthetician, Shandi, is the ocean.  She teases about being part mermaid and feels the most beautiful when at the beach with the ocean at her feet.  That is why all our spa products have healing properties of the ocean.  The product line that she uses to make your skin healthy and luminous is Phytoceane.  Phytoceane is a professional line nestled in the heart of Brittany, France. This brand agrees with Shandi's vision of the healing properties of the worlds seas. All active ingrediants are natural coming from seas of the world.

We also use the Vie Collection. Vie is a cosmeceutical. What is a cosmeceutical you ask? It is naturally occuring products that are used to replace or enhance medical procedures! These facials are geared towards someone considering botox, but doesn't want to go the injectable route. It is also great for someone who has received a beauty procedure and would like to increase lasting effects of the procedure.

I only use the best waxes available. The waxes I use are Cerapil Hard Waxes and Nufree Strip wax.

These kinds of waxes only attach to hair versus how traditional strip waxes adhere to the hair and skin. The positives of only using these waxes is there is no chance of skin lift, because you are not ripping off layers of skin. You will also find that when you get waxed at Dalliance there will be less pain and redness!

Sugaring is also available as a waxing alternative.  Sugaring is an all natural form of hair removal.  The hair is removed with a paste composed of three simple ingrediants.  The benefits of sugaring are that there is less pain associated with it than traditional waxing, fewer chance of ingrown hairs, and it is a hyrdrating.